Driven by the idea of a transparent ingredient list by mukk was created with an emphasis on the natural, simple and quality. As a family-owned company, each product sent out is based on values benefiting for the user and environment. 

MAKING OF by mukk



by mukk products are made from organic certificated ingredients of natural origin. Ingredients that only grow wild are not marked under organic certification. Our formulas do not have any synthetic ingredients or harsh preservatives that damage the skin’s microbe levels. Our products are inspired by the nature of our home island. For example, we use local red algae from the coastline to add skin rebuilding qualities to the formulas. We do the product conceptualising, development and production in our independent lab. All the formulas are artisan made and created in dialogue with the scientists and chemical engineers, approved by the certified safety assessors. 


Made with added probiotic technology that allows producing natural products without traditional preservatives. The formulas contain lactobacillus ferment, which provides antibacterial protection and strengthens the skin barrier. Mostly known from the fermentation processes lactobacillus ferment inhibits the growth of other microorganisms, changing the pH to acidic while producing antimicrobial peptides that help to maintain the product and skin microflora. Products preserved with probiotic technology are marked so in the product description.



“I remember going into a pharmacy with my mother as a kid. I remember the coloured glass doors and big amber vials. I saw people coming in and pharmacists making a formula personally for their needs.  It was a place that the whole village trusted – curing, a relief giving place. When I started to work in a pharmacy after my studies a lot had changed. The local knowledge had shifted to big chemical companies, it was more about selling and less about the person. This lead my way into cosmetics. Although the beauty industry offered a more personal approach the products used were still unfortunately highly manufactured and often not natural. For this day I have worked in pharmacy and cosmetology for over 25 years, developing knowledge and skill of formula creation and skin treatments. I love the idea of creating something that is beautiful inside out, a product of nature, and I like to think that the artisan aspect of it adds a value that no machine ever could.” 

Gerda, co-founder & CEO 

“I see sustainability in a way we teach our following generations about beauty and self-care, without harming yourself or the environment. The way we see and treat ourselves has a huge impact on how we treat others. This is what my mother has taught me about beauty since I was little. Having a background in design, the main task for me is in making the outside of a product as good as the inside is. I see the formula creation as art. The way ingredients are combined, the assets they each individually bring to the product, how they harmonise and create a whole. The substance is everything, that is what we try to emphasise with all our products.” 

Sabine, co-founder & creative director