Driven by the idea of a transparent ingredient list by mukk was created with an emphasis on the natural, simple and quality. As a family-owned company, each product sent out is based on values benefiting for the user and environment, a poetic element on a bathroom shelf. 


Our goal at by mukk is to create daily skincare products that are easy to use and effective. It is important it is to listen to your own body, observe its needs and act accordingly, without violently covering up the source of the problem. The human body is an intelligently designed system that is able to function independently if you allow it to be happy. Happy skin comes with a lifestyle, skincare being just one part of it. We encourage you to seek natural origin also in food and the environment around you. And in the mind as well.


A consciously responsible approach towards our in-company operations, ingredients and packaging choices is derived most importantly from our own personal values that feel natural to us rather than it being a strategic choice. No production in today’s world can be completely sustainable, but it is possible to offer a more responsible alternative to the already existing to inspire and educate others about the matter. With transparency and responsibility, it is our goal at by mukk to create a better, more conscious choice for the customer to make. If you would like to share your input on this matter, please feel free to share it with us at