Dry skin

Dry skin means that the skin does not retain enough moisture. The skin feels tight and, in extreme cases also flaky and itchy. This can additionally be caused due to external effects such as weather conditions or harsh skin products. In the selection below, we have listed gentle products that help to protect and moisturise dry skin.

      Dry skin tip: For extra moisturising effect pair with Deep Sea Serum

Antioxidants and plant-based oils  such as vitamin E, rose-hip butter(vitamin A), chrysanthemum and apricot kernel oil  provide a protection from environmental effects and  hydrate the skin. 

Brown algae prevents the signs of aging by creating a protective barrier that prevents pollutant particles in the air from reaching the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural antioxidant mechanism. 

The red micro-algae, plant glycerin and seawater retain moisture and attract water, strengthening  the skin’s lipid barrier.

The peptides from the fermentation cultures of probiotic bacteria help maintain the balance of the skin microbiota.

      Dry skin tip: use use as a course of treatment.  

Nutritive minerals from seaweed extract supplemented with seawater  maintain the hydration state of the skin for 24 hours.

Rose cell extract improves the skin’s overall hydration by retaining water in the epidermis and strengthening the skin barrier. The results of clinical trials give a unique and innovative active ingredient – pale rose active plant cells with a significant moisturizing effect on the face after 28 days (applied 2 times a day).

      Dry skin tip: Apply within  your morning and night routine. 

Oil-blend cleanser to remove  surface impurities and make-up without drying. Hydrating sweet almond oil and castor oil dissolve quickly, nourishing, and cleansing the skin.

Bergamot and lemon essential oils enrich the formula with healing and calming properties.

      Dry skin tip: Use as a substitute to tap water while removing cleansing product.  

Antioxidants from algae extracts balance sebum production and clarifie skin. 

Aloe normalises the skin’s hydration, minimises pores, and restores the skin’s pH.

      Dry skin tip: Use  1-2 times a week. 

Vitamin C with jasmine extract revives dull skin, combats ageing signs and regulates melanin production in the skin.

The lactic acid exfoliates the dead skin cells and in combination with the algae extract boosts the skin renewal.