A consciously responsible approach towards our in-company operations, ingredients and packaging choices is derived most importantly from our own personal values that feel natural to us rather than it being a strategic choice. 

Ingredients used are organic or wild-harvested. We source sustainably and make sure that formulas are vegan and entirely of natural origin. Made using techniques that do not compromise the skin’s health and environment, maintaining the effect from the nature as authentic as possible. 

Product development and production take place in our own studio in Saaremaa. This allows us to have a great flow between each of the production steps and great overall a more sustainable production. This method makes it possible to produce products per demand to avoid so-called dead stock and make sure that the customer receives the freshest product possible.


As coastal inhabitants, we are looking out for new alternatives to use less plastic around our products and we recycle the cardboard boxes used for shipping. 
Aluminium tubes are great for the conservation, the product is kept fresh and away from air and sunlight. They also allow using the product entirely. Aluminum is very lightweight and can be recycled in infinitive times. Amber glass bottles protect the formulas from UV light, enabling to prolong the freshness of each ingredient. Without emitting any harmful toxins and hormone-like chemicals, glass is 100% recyclable too. The rectangle shape creates a more compact product, taking less space in the parcel, travel bag or shelf. 

We encourage our customers to minimalise their skincare collection, as not to burden the skin and environment. To  reuse or  recycle the glass, cardboard and aluminium  accordingly to the waste regulations of your area. No production in today’s world can be completely sustainable, but it is possible to offer a more responsible alternative to the already existing to inspire and educate others about the matter. With transparency and responsibility, it is our goal at by mukk to create a better, more conscious choice for the customer to make.