Our core value is to provide safe and efficient formulas using only high quality plant-based ingredients. We have an independent in-company approach to develop new ideas, research the ingredients and test the formulas to maintain the created values. The identity of a location on the island Saaremaa has an  important part creating the concept of by mukk. We source local red algae from coastline of the island to add skin rebuilding qualities to the formulas.

When creating the products the focus is on the beauty of pure and transparent formulas, this message is represented on our products in a poetic form. To keep our products fresh the packaging has chosen to preserve and protect from the direct sunlight and external microbes. We believe in keeping the assortment minimal and we encourage reducing the amount of skincare products used to the selected collection. Our skin is a powerful and intelligent organ that can penetrate its own healing process. 

Our artisan production allows us to have a better control over the waste and production quantity. We avoid over- producing due to the shelf-life of the natural products is shorter.  As the coastal inhabitants we deeply care about purity of our seas. This has resulted us minimising the use of plastic packaging and created a goal for the future is to eliminate its use entirely. We also have chosen not to produce any posters, brochures, extra packaging etc. All the information about the products is available on our homepage and by the store consultants of our resellers.